TopCompanyOur 5 Values

Our 5 Values


Never stop trying. Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. We enhance our own professional skills, while familiarizing ourselves with the skills needed for completely different fields. Sometimes we boldly transform priorities to reach our goals. We find the best solutions, such as the one that enables us to address multiple challenges. Such daily battles bring us to the next stage of growth. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.


Let’s discuss anything frankly. Positions or belongings does not matter. Transparency is in the best interests of the team and essential to reaching goals. We put all the details out on the table. We discuss using open channels and disclose information where anyone can see it and do not make decisions behind closed doors. If we face difficulties, we disclose them honestly. This is because knowing makes it possible to cooperate and help one another.


We motivate ourselves and work with a strong sense of ownership. In fulfilling our mission, not only are the challenges faced by individuals large, there are also many times where the future is unknown or situations where we may falter. There may be times when our carefully crafted plans don’t pan out, causing huge frustration. However, failure is a step to success. We fulfill the mission given to us while asking "what can I do?"

Users First

Users’ interests always come first. What do they want? What do they think? How do they feel when they look at this function or web page? How can we make them happy? How can we realize their potential and help them play a more active role in the world? A service provider should not stand above its users. There are countless users on the other side of the screen. We openly ask about their feelings and reaffirm our own actions after determining their true intentions.


We understand individuals’ strengths and respect them. Howtelevision consist of various professionals. Everyone has slightly different strengths. We are a group of unique individuals and talents. Our high-energy team members motivate one another to create a reaction that generates immense value. Therefore, it is important to fully understand the background of the other party and what they have accomplished, and think about the framework needed for people to showcase their value. It is natural for everyone to have different values. We accept what people find important and work with at an even higher energy level.