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Message to Investors

Howtelevision defines the following as our mission: Change the world by blooming potential of humankind.
This mission was materialized when I first noticed that the job hunting not only matches students with businesses but also enables students to visualize and realize their own potential. As a company, we are striving to create a society where university students and people in the workforce can enjoy the outcomes of personal growth by supporting the process of potential development through opportunities including internships, job hunting, and employment.

The career platform we provide is characterized by integrated career development that supports various stages from university students to members of the workforce. We are fortunate to have members who are willing to challenge themselves and are involved in active discussions, training, and working hard in friendly rivalry within the service. In the age of 100-year-life, we aim for this platform to provide continuous empowerment, while supporting the various challenges and fostering the development of each and every member regarding their career path.

I hereby extend my deepest appreciation for all the support we have received since the Company’s inception. Going forward, we will follow through on our value of users first and strive to help all the members maximize their potential value in society. We believe the result will greatly benefit our corporate value in turn; therefore, this is a challenge that we will continue to tackle with a long-term perspective.

We sincerely look forward to your continued support and assistance.

President amd CEO
Howtelevision, Inc.