Q.When does your fiscal year end?

January. The final day of the fiscal year is January 31.

Q.When did you list your shares?

We listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on April 24, 2019.

Q.Which market are your shares listed on?

Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth market

Q.What is your securities code?


Q.When was the company established?

February 9, 2010.

Q.Can you provide a profile of the Company, including number of employees?

Please see the Appendix in our financial results briefing.

Q.What kind of business does the Company do?

Please see "Services" section and the Appendix in our financial results briefing.

Q.What is your management strategy for the future?

Please see the Appendix in our financial results briefing.

Q.How many shares constitute one trading unit?


Q.Who is the administrator of the register of shareholders?

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited

Q.When is the annual general meeting?

The meeting is held every year at the end of April.

Q.When do you announce financial results?

Please refer to the IR Calendar.

Q.Can I request IR documents to be sent to me by postal mail?

Unfortunately, we do not send IR documents individually by postal mail.
You can view our financial results briefing and releases in the IR Library.

Q.Do you have a quiet period.

Yes, we have set a quiet period. In order to ensure fairness in information disclosure and prevent information from being divulged prior to our announcement of financial results, we observe a quiet period that starts from the day after the end of fiscal year or each quarter, and ends on the day of financial results announcement for each period.

Q.What are the trends in your business performance?

Please refer to Earnings Highlights.

Q.What is your view on dividends?

We recognize that returning profits to shareholders is as an important task of management.
While there is a plan in the future to return profits to shareholders considering management results and financial condition at the time, at present we have not determined the possibility or timing for offering a dividend.
We recognize ourselves to be in the stage of growth currently.
Therefore we believe that it is the best interests of our shareholders to allocate retained earnings for capital enhancement and reinvestment for further business expansion and diversification.